Yesterday I painted these beautiful dragonflies.

I follow Louise De Masi on Patreon and this was one of her tutorials. BTW, if you're looking for a talented artist to follow, Louise might fit the bill. I think her art is gorgeous and she has a very soothing voice during her tutorials.

I traced the dragonflies because I'm not very confident with my drawing and I only want to focus on my painting right now.

I watched her tutorial to see what colours she used and how she started out, but after that I started doing my own thing.

For example, she added her background as an extension of the wings (if that makes sense) but I decided to paint my background separately when the dragonflies were finished.

Oh I forgot to say, the dragonflies were drawn with a black Micro Pen 03 before painting. When everything was dry I touched up some of the lines, but not many.

I have to say I'm VERY happy with this painting and might even frame it!